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DiGeorge Syndrome, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

DiGeorge syndrome is a disease that occurs due to genetic disorders. This disease occurs when there is a loss of certain genetic components on chromosomes, precisely on chromosome 22. Because of these genetic problems, children born with this condition can experience various health problems. Most people with DiGeorge syndrome do not have a family with a history of the disease. However, parents who suffer from DiGeorge syndrome can reduce the same disease in their children. This disease can occur when there are problems in the formation of the genetic component of the fetus during fertilization. A small proportion of children born with this condition do not experience serious health problems. However, most children who suffer from DiGeorge syndrome have various health problems, such as: Congenital heart defect. Harelip. Lack of calcium in the blood. Hormonal disorders. Growth disorders. Bone disorders. Symptoms of DiGeorge Syndrome DiGeorge syndrome can cause symptoms that
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Benefits of singing for mental health

Not a few people who love to sing. In addition to fun and can be a way to release stress, there are many benefits of singing for mental health. Curious and want to know more about this? Let's look at the following review. Unwittingly, singing is a complex activity. This is because singing involves various areas of the brain, especially parts of the brain that play a role in language, vocal, and emotional functions. Not only that, singing also involves breathing techniques to heart rhythm. Benefits of singing for mental health When you're sad, you might tend to want to sing a melancholy song with lyrics that speak to your heart's content. Likewise, when happy, singing a cheerful song feels appropriate to the cheerful atmosphere. In fact, singing is related to psychological conditions and mental health. The following are some of the benefits of singing for mental health: 1. Fight stress One of the benefits of singing is reducing stress. This is proven through a numbe

Got Degenerative Disease Early Due to a Bad Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle can increase the risk of various diseases, including degenerative diseases. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle as early as possible to avoid the disease. Degenerative diseases are generally caused by a gradual decline in performance of the body's cells which then impacts on organ function in general. Most degenerative diseases arise due to aging, not due to viruses or bacteria. poor lifestyle also increases the risk of this disease. Lifestyle factors that can increase your risk of getting degenerative diseases are quite diverse. You who like to eat unhealthy foods, lazy to move or exercise, and have habits that interfere with health, are more at risk for degenerative diseases. Habits that can interfere with health include smoking and consuming excessive alcoholic drinks. Degenerative diseases that often occur Some degenerative diseases are triggered by daily bad habits which then cause disruption to certain organs. Some degenerative diseases that oft